Anne-Sophie Trindade

Anne-Sophie Trindade

Print, Visual Art, Drawing

United Kingdom



Anne-Sophie Trindade was born in 1986 in France. After five years in a Fine Art School, she graduated with a Master in Visual Art. She lives and works in London.

Her work is presented as an image panel and drawn from our everyday objects, and take a whole new meaning once diverted.
Her enthusiasm for the cause and what it can generate in some compositions is reported to fundamental for decorative work.

Thus we can distinguish several levels of reading with one hand, a desire to produce aesthetically attractive and decorative items, and on the other hand the need to remind us that our world is a playground where power and violence are sovereigns. Elements drawn from everyday are chosen carefully to achieve maximum impact, thus raising the stakes of violence, confrontation, alternating between personal development, desire for conquest and domination.

Creating visual devices it tends to show that some images may play a role in the establishment may be necessary in this business.