Thomas Dellert

Thomas Dellert

Paint, Photography, Installation

United Kingdom


Thomas Dellert-Bergh also known as Thomas Dellacroix and Tommy Dollar (born 12 July 1953) is a Swedish multimedia artist, painter, actor, singer, songwriter, poet, film maker, director, photographer, theater costume designer, and set designer.

As a contemporary visual artist he has had over 100 International exhibitions during the last 30 years. He is represented in collections like The Absolut Vodka CollectionThe Heinz collection and in several museums, like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Death and fame is a central theme in Dellert’s works, and he uses irony and humor mixed with horror as one of his main tools. His work has a strong humanistic approach,and he works with strong images to show the horrors of war and genocide.

He is a pacifist that works with different media to warn us about totalitarian regimes and intolerance. In his art, he also fights against all kinds of fanatical and fundamentalist thinking.