Andy Parker

Andy Parker

Paint, Video/Audio

United Kingdom


  • The Art Shop and Gallery, Abergavenny
  • The Original Artwork Store and Gallery, Malvern


Principally a landscape painter, I travel extensively in search of the elusive qualities of light - this involves me rattling around the UK on my motorbike, from the South Coast where I have been painting and selling extensively for some years, out to Wales where I paint regularly and am starting to make gallery inroads, as well as to Yorkshire and further afield.

As a native Londoner, I also walk extensively to find subjects for my painting - dawn on Hampstead Heath and down on the Thames have been favourite locations. A recent series, Russell Square, has been particularly successful, leading to me to work extensively in that location throughout the Spring and Summer for several years. Since they are a slight stylistic departure for me, I've extended the 'franchise' to take in London's Winter skating rinks and snow scenes, as well. 

My Facebook site contains many pictures (under Albums) that I made on my painting trips, including to Penang, as well as my Russell Square series and also shows details of my musical and recording activities.

The profile picture, entitled Pink House, was painted on the Clan Jetties of Georgetown, Penang, early one morning, while the studio painting is Canary Wharf by Night, a tryptich view looking south.