Ozlem Uner

Ozlem Uner

Paint, Drawing

United Kingdom



...Besides its creation on plastic elements I believe that what makes a picture alive is its spiritual energy. For me the plasticity of an art work cannot go further than supporting the art work’s spiritual power. The main thing is the inner energy and the feeling of depth that we conduct to the art work. An art work made of mere plastic elements will remain in the shallowness of everyday lives as a game and color. It can not be denied in the versatility of life but although Art is the part of everyday life its presence at the top of our needs in which Man creates his existence should not be neglected.

...The artist should aim at finding the ideal form, which will be integrated with the spiritual core, and this aim should never be limited by any terms and conditions. Since the art work is objective, it forms its own plastic.... Time is the thing that will solve the criteria problem, which will emerge and the collective mind will memorize what is required....