Paint, Drawing, Illustrate

United Kingdom


Working hard at the moment on being Artist-in-Residence at the wholesale markets in London: New Covent Garden, Billingsgate, Spitalfields, Smithfield etc. Touring exhibition coming up next year, details will be on my web-site when confirmed.

London is a city of markets. From East London’s vintage clothes markets to West London’s antiques markets, from Covent Garden flower and vegetable market to Billingsgate fish market to Smithfield meat market, and from the humble fruit and veg barrow to the powerful stock market, London has a market for everything.
How did these markets come into being? How have they grown, developed and changed – or, indeed, stayed remarkably similar – over hundreds of years? What is sold at which market and who shops where? And, when scrutinised, what can these markets tell us about London and Londoners?
I doubt whether there is a single Londoner who hasn’t been to a London market, and, for many, markets are integral to their lives – be they East End barrow boys or City traders, antiques dealers or record collectors, cooks or farmers; whether they are from Nigeria or Poland, Hackney or Chelsea.
This exhibition will explore our markets – the big unmissable ones, like Borough, Billingsgate and Covent Garden; the smaller, more local establishments, Watney Market, Wood Street and Hoxton Street, for instance; and not forgetting those that we’ve ceased to really think of as markets, like the stock market and the job market. Through spending time observing and talking to the traders and buyers, investigating what is sold, where it is from and where it is going, we will endeavour to capture something of this way of life, which is so fundamental to London.