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Romaine Dennistoun



Animals and birds!  Always fascinating, and my speciality is to draw them from life using pen or watercolour.   Later, I may work in acrylics on canvas on a much larger scale, only possible in the studio.


I draw animals and birds directly from life.

Whatever the rewards of exhibiting, it is the field trips that are the real excitement.  The joy of connecting with my subject, capturing his moods, his movement, shape and energy, easily dispels the discomfort of wind and rain.

I work in pen and ink or sometimes directly in watercolour on site, and once back in the studio decide which image is best left alone (in the bin?), and which needs more work. And some I paint again in acrylic on canvas, often on a much larger scale.

Recently I was appointed Artist in Residence at the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre. What does an Artist in Residence do at a Pony Centre?

Well, apart from keeping out of the way of flying hooves, I do fast sketches from life in pen and watercolour of the horses and ponies, riders and trained volunteers, and even the stable cat, and a selection of these can now be seen on their Face Book entry.  And I love it!



From Fortman Studios, Florence, I went to Central Saint Martin's via a spell at Shepperton Studios. I was fortunate enough to study with the late David Boys, who inspired me to pursue my interest in drawing animals from observation.

Since 2003 I have been exhibiting my wildlife paintings throughout the UK and have participated in all the major national wildlife exhibitions as detailed on my website.

While drawing wildlife from life is my passion, I also use my sketches  to work on large scale canvases using acrylics.  Recently, I have included in my portfolio works  on recycled hand-made paper. 

My teaching experience encompasses primary schools, adult education, the Alternative Curriculum (for teenagers who have slipped the net of traditional education) and young offenders.  Major projects include a 4-walled mural depicting the African Jungle and a project to enhance a Dementia Ward harnessing the creative talents of teenage artists.

I have recently been appointed Artist In Residence at the local Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre, which means that I draw all areas of activity - riding, cleaning out the stables, and this year, vaulting - gym on ponies!  

Publications: Artists & Illustrators, International Turaco Society Magazine, Otis (Great Bustard Magazine), Marwell International Wildlife Artist Magazine.

A selection of my Giclée prints can be seen at Asprey, New Bond Street.