The lure of mixed media enables me to capture the essence of what I want to portray, adding an element of surprise and a dimension of the unexpected.  I use this inspiration and influence to create work which represents my view of life.

I always stop to watch a beautiful sunset, pause to smell the flowers on my walks and listen to the birds. I love the feel of a forest, enjoy the calm of a lake, find motivation in the ebb and flow of the sea and want to share this enjoyment with others through my Art.



Do you ever stop, look & listen to hidden elements around you?
On my daily walks, I draw energy from little unnoticed secrets in your surroundings. My semi-abstract art pieces - sea, rural and urban themes - capture the essence of the colours, patterns & spaces, inviting you to connect, pause & refresh.

To build a surface with depth, I layer warm and cool colours, dark and light. Intriguing impressions emerge from nature as I apply paint with my hands and textured objects rather than brushes. I favour acrylics and mixed media to express a subtlety into my square landscapes. Specifically chosen music helps me to transfer a touch of movement into each piece, creating energy and calm. I like some transparency in the top layers for a sense of what lies behind my final story.





2010Open Studio's + Solo exhibition
20092 Solo exhibitions
2008Joined Brentford Studio's
2006Relocated to UK
2005Finalist in National Competition
2001-2003Li-Ru Gallerei
2000-2005Art Now
1996-2000Linwood Gallery
1994-1996Picture This
1994Solo Exhibition Indart Gallery