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Jane Price

Jane Price

Jane Price

Paint, Textile

United Kingdom


  • Limited Edition Gallery, Penarth


I find maps inherently interesting as they have an allure that always draws me in to find the familiar and try to define my personal orientation and identification with them.

These paintings are taken from a series that feature parts of London where I have lived for the past thirty years.  In each case they represent some personal event or experience, and for the viewer there is the opportunity to see something different and identify their own personal connection.

In creating the paintings I use a multi layering of embroidery, collage and paint that create their own texture, visual depth and contrast, obscuring hidden images that invite discovery both to me as I work and ultimately the viewer.  The results are paintings that evolve to form their own final state, much as London itself has changed and developed many times over its life.



Following a foundation course at East Warwickshire College I studied Furniture and Product design at Kingston University.

For fifteen years I worked as a designer with Geoff Hollington Associates specialising in colour, materials and finishes on a range of furniture and product briefs ranging from Herman Miller to Parker Pens and Kodak.

In 2004 I became a full time artist, working from Great Western Studios in London before establishing my own studio in Chiswick in 2007.