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Anthea Craigmyle


Anthea Craigmyle went to the Chelsea School of Art at the age of 17,  where she was taught by Ceri Richards, Julian Trevelyan and Prunella Clough among others.  At 21, she travelled to India where she met her future husband and although she went on to have a family, painting has always been an essential element of her busy, daily life.
The imagery of her painting throughout the 50s and 60s was mostly drawn from childhood memories; neglected churchyards, gardens, and parks she associated with her experiences of the war.  Then she made a conscious effort to paint immediate surroundings with a West Highland aspect to her work. Her wide range of imagery and style is unified by the frequent restatement of the interdependence of nature – people, their occupations, and the underlying topography of the landscape.
She also seeks inspiration from the Thames, boats, animals and gardens, as well as still life. Her work is a powerful reminder of the essence of life which never really changes.