Antonio Heleno

Antonio Heleno

Paint, Visual Art, Drawing

United Kingdom


Antonio Heleno was born in 1970, in São Paulo, Brazil where he started his artistic path as an actor at the age of seven in children’s and adult’s plays. During this period an interest for theatre design work developed and resulted in his arrival in Europe to take up on a course in Theatre studies. Based in London he attended a foundation course in textiles chosen with intent to explore his artistic abilities in order to prepare for a BA in theatre design which was accomplished at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design followed by a MA in Theatre Design at The Slade School of Art.  During this period under Yolanda Sonnabend mentoring he was encouraged to take on painting as a vehicle for expressing design ideas.  This method gradually evolved into abandoning the desire to design for the theatre to a closer interest for painting only.

In his paintings we find references to the real world abstractly synthesized through his style of large irregular shapes and coloured areas, layered transparency and movement of lines either drawn or painted on the canvas. These are used to create images that are based on real stories ranging from mundane to personal experiences. The creative source and process making involved in his work has defined a collection that consists mainly of one-off subject paintings however he has created series around same theme before.

He has previously designed set and costumes for Dance, Opera, films and Theatre plays ranging from amateur to professional productions. Since 2008 he has been dedicated to painting work and slowly building his portfolio. His intentions to establish himself as a painter has led him to set up his own website in 2010 through where most of his works are sold and he has participated in exhibitions and arts fairs throughout London last year.