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Storytelling for Artists opportunity




Social Art Library—an Axis project in conjunction with Social Art Network—is excited to invite expressions of interest in ‘Storytelling for Artists’, a series of three workshops / masterclasses with writer and performer, Debs Newbold.

Successful applicants will also receive a small bursary to help develop their own social practice story for submission to the Social Art Library.

Why storytelling?
We think that telling stories about social practice is vital! As a live / process-based artform, the field suffers from a lack of visibility and its learnings can often be lost or hidden from view. Social practice stories matter – and the history of social art is too important to leave to others to define for us. We also believe that sharing our stories has a value beyond the limitations of project evaluation reports.

The Social Art Library aims to be the first really comprehensive resource for and about social practice in collaboration with artists and the communities they work with. We are open to submissions from all artists who work with people—and the communities and organisations they work with (you can share your work here).

However, we know that telling the story of your work can be challenging and we want to support artists to create narratives that are congruent with their values as practitioners, as well as being potentially beneficial to the development and sharing of their practice.

What does the ‘Storytelling for Artists’ programme entail?
The ‘Storytelling for Artists’ programme was created to help artists develop their narrative-making towards creating submissions to the Social Art Library.

The proposed programme is as follows:
Workshop 1: ‘Introduction to narrative-making’ [open to all]
Workshop 2 + 3: ‘Tell your story’ masterclass to develop your own stories [places limited to those awarded one of our bursaries]
Those accepted into the masterclasses will also receive a £100 bursary to assist with creating a submission to the Library.