Correlacion Contemporanea - Lima

COMMUNITY RESIDENCE Peruvian virtual Residency & Online Co-op Community art proj




COM__UNIDAD is a virtual Residency & Online Co-op Community art projects development based in Peru that proposes the creation of a collaborative network made up of cultural actors related to the history, art and community practices of the Peruvian context. The virtual residence receives artists and cultural workers, national and international, with the aim of rethinking community art practices through virtual strategies, thus art, cultural management or art education projects, based on historical, cultural, social and geographical research of the Peruvian communities, from the culture of residents origin.

The program proposes a research work divided into three periods by the three regions of Peru in three months. In which residents, collaborators and coordinators will carry out a constant exercise of dialogue, cultural exchange and analysis of traditional art, community practices, ancestral worldview, social organization, and cultural practices and expressions, which are developed on the coast, andean and jungle of Peru.

In addition, we will talk about cultural managements projects, art education and a introduction of archaeological practices in order to maintain the continuity of community work from the context of isolation and social distancing that the new normality proposes to us.


Correlacion Contemporanea