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Seven Artist Building Commissions




We are very excited to open our call for artists and designers to make proposals for 1 or more of the 7 commissions for The Amelia Scott Building as part of the Artscore programme. Through a series of capital works, Artscore places the arts at the centre of The Amelia as a physical entity and service, so enabling the Amelia to sustain a fully engaged public service for the arts within Tunbridge Wells Borough. These bespoke and site-specific artworks, developed by artists working with stakeholders, will establish and reflect on The Amelia’s function as an integrated cultural centre, embedding art and culture into the very fabric of the building.

Each commission brief is a call to propose ideas for a different part of the Amelia Scott Building.

Main Entrance Lighting: £45,000 (reference: DN514840)
Decorative Iron Gates: £35,000 (reference: DN514749)
Foyer Modular Furniture Piece: £24,000 (reference: DN514732)
Curated Courtyard Garden Design: £21,500 (reference: DN514802)
Courtyard Drinking Fountain: £14,000 (reference: DN514849)
Foyer Visitor Resource Point: £12,000 (reference: DN514850)
Exterior Brickwork Artwork: £12,000 (reference: DN514745)

To access each individual commission brief you must first register via the Kent Business Portal.

The deadline for submission of proposals for all commissions is Midday Monday 25 January 2021.


Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery
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