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Applications are now open for the 5th edition of the London Art Biennale commencing in 2021.
Awards and prizes range from monetary rewards up to £5000, group shows, professional critiques, and inclusive Italian retreats.

We are taking applications at:

Following the success of exhibitions in 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019, the London Art Biennale is currently taking applications for the upcoming 2021 exhibition. A celebration of modern art, and a calling for artists from all over the world with every stylistic choice from any artistic movement, the London Art Biennale offers artists a platform to have their work exhibited in Chelsea, London, where they will have the chance to win numerous awards including monetary prizes of up to a £5,000 GBP. The Biennale’s wide range of awards consists of multiple monetary awards, subcategory awards, and the opportunity to have work professionally critiqued by the International Confederation of Art Critics. Curated by Gagliardi Gallery, in partnership with the Chianciano Art Museum, other prizes include month-long group shows where artwork is chosen for exhibition in an Italian museum, as well as fully paid all-inclusive retreats at The Art Club Boutique in Tuscany, with your very own private art studio for a whole week. The London Art Biennale 2021 is taking applications at:

There is nothing quite as special as the Biennale for arts lovers. The 2019 exhibition was inaugurated by Royal Family member, Lady Sophie Windsor, and every past edition was visited by the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea. The London Art Biennale is a gathering of eclectic and simulating selection of excellent art from all around the world, where they can be viewed and purchased by art collectors and enthusiasts in a celebration of modern art.

Throughout the years, The London Art Biennale has committed a significant amount of charity. Gagliardi Gallery has donated original artworks by Andy Warhol, Pietro Annigoni, Jose Van Roy Dali, and a Fiat 500 to raise funds for various charity organisations such as the Rotary International’s “End Polio Now” Charity, the Salvation Army, London’s Air Ambulance, and Age UK.

The London Art Biennale is a fantastic opportunity for artists to gain exposure and receive recognition.

The Official Inauguration will take place on the 30th June by invitations only, and the exhibition will be open to the public on free entry on all other days until the 4th July.

More infomation and application instructions can be found on the London Art Biennale website:


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