Marta Grabowska - London

Red Zenith Collective Call Out: EQUALITY




We are looking for multidisciplinary submissions on the theme of EQUALITY. Tell us why you do what you do! Surprise us and inspire others!

About Red Zenith Collective:
We are a dedicated platform for empowering and supporting creativity in women, female-identifying and non-binary people with a connection to Eastern and Central Europe.

There is a lot of hate and competition between women everywhere, particularly in the art world, and we need to support and champion one another, promote mental health awareness and channel creativity.

We want to welcome art professionals, theorists, photographers, artists, art historians, art lovers and everybody with an interest in the art world. You don’t have to be from an Eastern or Central European country, we want to promote a better understanding of one another, so just being interested is more than enough. We have developed a creative programme for quarantine and beyond, and would love it if you could take a look at our new Instagram page @The.Red.Zenith.Collective

What are we looking for?
We want to read, see, hear and experience your work, which responds to the theme EQUALITY.

There are no rules in terms of the medium or timeframe when your work was made. You can submit visual material like photographs, videos, animations, collages, or written work like recipes, poetry, musings, essays. These are only suggestions and the list is definitely not exhaustive. The more genre-bending the better.

Who can apply?
We hate call outs and competitions that are restrictive, so we have decided to make this call out as inclusive as possible. We want to hear from women, female identifying and non-binary people with a connection to Eastern or Central Europe. You don’t need to be born or living in a specific country, but your work needs to be in some way linked to Eastern or Central Europe, but this can be a loose interpretation.

How to apply:
• Please send us a short bio (150 words max), description of your project and your practice (150 words) and your work to

• Send us any links to your social media and your website too.

• For the email subject please use: Red Zenith Submissions

• You can enter multiple projects if you feel that they are related to the theme.

We will be showcasing your submitted work on our Instagram.

The winners will be selected for an Instagram Live session later in the year to talk about their work and included in our first zine publication on the same topic.


Marta Grabowska