Banditto Art - Tuscany, Italy

Banditto Art Residency in Tuscany




Hosted by Banditto Art, The Banditto Residency Program is a celebration of excellence in art from across the globe.

Every quarter, we offer artists from all over the world the opportunity to join us for a ten day residency in our gallery situated in Tuscany, Italy.

Located at our Galleria in the town of Montefollonico, artists have the exclusive opportunity to let their creative juices flow in the most picturesque of environments.

In addition, these artists get the chance to showcase their work to a broader audience, and further their engagement with the international art world. They will be given the opportunity to showcase their work through a group exhibition, as well as being featured in an international collector’s magazine, and will also be promoted on various online platforms.

Over and above the cash prizes offered, we cover the cost of flights, accommodation (for two), and transport for a stay of 10 days to the successful applicants. The only cost for applying is a processing fee of $49, which will serve to cover the administrative expenses of the selection of candidates and the organization of the residency resources.

During your stay as an artist, you will enjoy an incredible experience not only to create art, but also to discover all that Montefollonico has to offer - its amazing people, its sumptuous authentic Italian foods, as well as its beautiful scenic attractions.