Chelsea Peil - Summer Lake, OR USA

Call for Residencies October - December 2020




PLAYA is a retreat for artists and scientists who can benefit from time and space spent in an inspiring and unique natural environment. There is also plenty of opportunity for interaction, if desired, with a cohort of residents and the local rural community. A residency provides the solitude needed to create substantive work or to research and reflect upon one’s creative or scientific processes. Residents can focus on their projects, immerse in a desert landscape of basin and rangeland, and find inspiration through self-directed inquiry and dialogue with others focused on writing, visual arts, science, and other creative disciplines. Located in the Oregon Outback, near Summer Lake in Lake County, PLAYA manages its residency program and offers a range of community and educational outreach activities. Residencies are provided without a fee and span most of the year.

Deadline: February 15, 2019


Chelsea Peil
Summer Lake, OR USA