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Open Call - Experimental Video Artists Required




Magic South Presents...The Future

What comes to mind when you picture the future? Are you looking towards an idealistic future or is it bleak and fractured? Will we still be defined by gender, ethnicity and class? Do you think human evolution will come to a standstill? Will humanity remain earthbound?

Abstract and unwritten, these are just some of the questions which come to mind when considering the future. Trying to picture it is an attempt at deciphering the unknown, often guided by perceptions of time and interpretations of the past.

We are looking for a range of VFX and Video artists to answer the question on their own terms, and present it through their art. Each video will be shown alongside music from up and coming DJs at a video art rave set to take place in the new year, therefore must be silent. Applicants must send either their video or proposal of a video to with a brief explanation of the work alongside who they are by the end of December. Likewise for any further questions regarding the event and blurb please don’t hesitate to email.


Magic South