AADK Spain - Blanca, Spain

Activosonico-Experimental Sound Residencies AADK Spain 2020




We warmly invite all musicians, sound artists, sound engineers and artists from other disciplines that wish to develop a project specifically related to sound to participate in Activosonico, a program carried out by AADK Spain, with a focus on the relationship of sound and territory.

Activosonico residencies will take place in Centro Negra, the current headquarters of AADK Spain located in the town of Blanca, Murcia. They have been conceived to offer time and space for analysis and artistic research linked to music and sound, encouraging reflection upon the historical, cultural and geographical context of the region.

AADK Spain is an international artistic platform that opens up spaces for research and contemporary creation. With a focus set on experimental and creative processes, its primary interest is to explore the notions of body, territory, and spatiality through an interdisciplinary approach.

We look forward to your proposals.


AADK Spain
Blanca, Spain