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Artist Showcase with New Emergence Art




New Emergence Art is a newly launched art platform intended to help showcase and support living artists all around the world.

As working artists ourselves, we have experienced the struggles of trying to obtain exposure and financial security during the early years of our careers. So we want to help talented emerging artists that may be experiencing what we did in the past.

We will be launching The New Emergence Art Prize in the coming months to help support artists with a cash prize.

As we have only just launched, we want to focus on helping artists reach a wider audience through social media. We will be sharing the works and a short statement from artists that are interested and chosen from this open call.

Please email us with up to 5 images of works and a short artist statement to be featured. You can also message us on instagram @NewEmergenceArt with the statement and images of works. The success of this open call will lead to the fruition of our art prize (cash prize) in the coming months.


New Emergence Art