Laura Iosifescu - London

Open call to artists!




We are recruiting now the most creative, innovative and ambitious stars of tomorrow!

What is the Society of Gold Minds and is it for you?

Are you a creative?
Are you an entrepreneur, or thinking about starting your own business?
Do you have unique project ideas but don’t know who to partner with?
Are you searching for the great next thing?
Are you able to bring financial investment that will help others get started?
Are you ambitious and looking to connect with other go-getters?
Are you searching for inspiration?
Do you want to serve your community?

If the answer to more than one or two of these questions is yes, why not consider applying to become a member of our Society of Gold Minds and connect with people who share your vision?

What is about?
The Society of Gold Minds- SGM is a unique initiative aiming to bring together the best minds like links in a chain. We will carefully select the most inspiring applicants out there and help them deliver the best results they possibly can. To make sure everyone is taken care of and represented in the best possible light, we will limit our list to just 100 Gold Minds, so don’t wait too long to register: we have thousands of followers and selection will be tough.

Besides all the benefits highlighted above, here are some others that would help you at a personal level.

Discover friends you can actually rely on.
Combat loneliness by taking part in our monthly meetings.
No longer have to struggle against the world for the things you believe in.
Get necessary help with things like advice on accessing funding, finding contractors, promoting and selling your products and services, etc.
Have fun with like-minded people while creating a successful career for yourself.
Have the chance to speak to our members and guests about your needs, your products and services – and even your hopes and dreams.
Be part of a unique and exciting new initiative.


Laura Iosifescu