The Sinclair Gallery - Rickmansworth

Open Call - The Sinclair Gallery - New Venue




This is an open call for Artists who paint in a representational style and want to submit their Artwork for a chance to take part in the opening of The Sinclair Gallery.

The Sinclair Gallery focuses on the craftmanship of painting and drawing and encourage any Artist of this style to come forward for a chance to start this journey with us.

With only 1 place remaining to exhibit, we will be carefully selecting applicants in the next 2 weeks.

The team are full on with final preparations for social media so don't be surprised if you cannot find anything online yet!

About the Gallery:
Founder Esther Murphy, (nee Sinclair), presents The Sinclair Gallery, showcasing living artist who derive their practices from neo-classical atelier traditions. The uniqueness of this gallery originates from the founders own experience and training in this time-honoured art form and brings an opportunity for the public as well as Artists to delve into the realm of realism like never before.
The Sinclair Gallery promotes Artists with exception talent and skill, whose primary focus is based on technical accomplishments of the old master’s in today's world. As well as visual success on a 2D plain, Artists of this style have to face the challenge of narrative and engagement which the Gallery fully embraces and mentors. Through the portrayal of realism, the Gallery takes the viewer on a journey of inclusivity, focusing on portraiture, still life and landscapes with an emphasis on figurative and naturalistic movements.

Please feel free to ask any questions, and GOOD LUCK!


The Sinclair Gallery