AADK Spain - Blanca, Murcia, Spain

Open Call for Artistic Residency Program 2019 - AADK Spain




AADK Spain invites all artists and researchers who wish to work on the topics of body, territory and spatiality to participate in its Artistic Residency Program.
For this call, priority will be given be given to those proposals that focus on direct work on the landscape. Projects of ephemeral or permanent intervention that address the concepts of landscape memory and anthropology of the territory will be of special interest.
The Program is carried out in Centro Negra, current headquarters of AADK Spain, located in the town on Blanca, Murcia. It is conceived as a space for reflection and creative research that encourages its participants to interweave their projects with the historical, cultural and geographical context of the region.
We invite all interested practitioners to submit their proposals.


AADK Spain
Blanca, Murcia, Spain