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Last Call for Creatives




Orchyd & Ink ( is a new creative thinking lab providing style, innovation and creative consulting services to businesses in London and Paris. Our emerging talents hub is mainly responsible for curating events, selling online through our e-shop a selection of products / artworks selected by our curation team according to our aesthetics and identity and connecting artists to various industries. Our aim is to create opportunities to encourage, support, exhibit and promote global creation.

Creatives & talents of all mediums and industries and from all countries are welcome to apply ; Independent brands, illustrators, sculptors, photographers, stylists, ceramists, designers, video artists, writers, art and fashion students etc.

Entries can be emailed to us at with the following informations :

Sample of your work (portfolio)
Details of the artworks / products / pieces you want to submit (5 maximum)
Bio / Tagline
Related links / Website & Contact

* Please note that all artistic works must be ready to hung.
You can include the informations above in a PDF/DOCX file or in the body of your email.

We are now screening talents and expecting to launch our online exhibition and e-shop in February 2019. Also, as soon as part of our talent collective, we will keep your details for future exhibitions or events.

We are a new organisation and want to grow with you and act as a team mate to create a talent collective. We are not here to lessen your profit but help you to attract the right audience and customers to our platform and services. We truly believe that to communicate regularly with you is the key of our future success working together.

If selected, we will ask you small administration fees of £40 per article you want to sell and put live your work during 4 months.There is 0% commission charged on any piece sold.


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