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Calling Literary & Visual Artists for International Project: Touching Syria // C




As part of the Cyffwrdd Syria/Touching Syria project, we are inviting literary and visual artists to join us in exploring the theme of art, culture and war. We will start a conversation about how vital the arts are to give people a voice to reclaim their dignity, freedom and self-expression, and how much truth is in the statement:

"Art is to console those who are broken by life"  - Vincent Van Gogh

We welcome an open interpretation of this statement and look forward to receiving poetry or critical essays (max. 1000 words) for the literature category and photography, illustration, painting or printmaking work in the visual arts category.

Please digitally submit in JPEG or PDF formats only to by January 12th 2019

The selected works will be featured at Pontio Arts Centre on 19th January as part of 'Noson Musiqaa' and as a permanent feature on Cyffwrdd Celf Cyf's website and social media channels.


Cyffwrdd Celf Cyf
North Wales