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Competition for visual representations of multilingualism




This competition aims to provide a creative opportunity to explore new ways of representing multilingualism through visual means and to stimulate debate and raise awareness about innovative ways of thinking about multilingualism. It is part of BAAL's initiative of increasing multilingual representation in BAAL and beyond. It is organised in partnership with CuratorSpace, Multilingual Matters, and the AILA Research Network for Creative Inquiry and Applied Linguistics.

To apply

The competition is open to artists, designers and/or applied linguists working in a range of 2D practices, including, but not limited to: drawing, painting, illustration, graphic design, collage, digital, photography, etc. Sculptural/relief works presented in a 2D format will also be accepted.

Collaborations between artists and applied linguists, and submissions from students of all levels are particularly welcome.

Submissions can be of new or existing works, however artwork should have been made within 2 years of the submission date.


Please submit works by Friday 29 March 2019, 11:59pm GMT

Winners will be chosen and all applicants will be notified of the outcome by early June 2019.


Prizes will be awarded to three winners at the BAAL conference at Manchester on 29-31, August, 2019.

First prize: £400
Second prize: £200
Third prize: £100

A number of works by selected applicants may also be included alongside the prize winners in an exhibition at the BAAL conference 2019.

Works will be promoted through BAAL website and may also be used to promote visual and creative approaches to multilingualism within the research community. Elements of the winning work may also be incorporated into the BAAL logo upon further discussion with the applicant(s). All applicants retain copyright of their work.