S. R. Jimmy - North Woolwich (Royal Victoria Gardens Park) etc

Conceptual Art in the Public Space (CAPC)




This is the opportunity to take your artworks in the public spaces in London.

The first exhibition will take place at Royal Victoria Gardens, North Woolwich, London.

What kind of works you can do: Conceptual. Traditional ones might be accepted only with a conceptual twist. You can submit up to 10 concepts/ works although there will be a selection procedure.


-The works should not give any unpleasant shock to the general public.
-Nothing illegal can be done.
-Your works or you should not harm the environment.

Please submit with your ideas and/or images of your works.

Note the exhibition(s) will take place 4 separate days in a month. Every month probably.

Promising artists will have the opportunity to carry on with the project in other places.

Join the like-minded artists to take the Conceptual Art to a different level.

There is no application fees but you might be asked to contribute £50-£150 once selected; mainly to promote the event through the prominent Art magazines like Art Review, Art Monthly etc. The plan is to promote the event until it becomes a sensation in the Art scenario in London.


S. R. Jimmy
North Woolwich (Royal Victoria Gardens Park) etc