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The Water Project




Dear Arttists,

We are Oxpecker, a social art platform designed to exhibit and sell art fairly and sustainably. We operate as a Community Interest Company and donate our profits towards social and environmental projects. You can visit our website on to know more about what we do.
We recently arrived to India with the intention of shooting a promotional video for our first project ( as well as establishing links with local NGOs and artists.

During our two-month stay in India we intend to reach communities which suffer from water-related issues. We wish to show their everyday struggle and document these issues incorporating their perspective in the process.
We also want to get in touch with local authorities/officials as well as NGOs and interview them to find out what actions are being taken (if any) to help local communities affected by water issues including access to water, water quality and floods.

If you are an artists interestes in producing and selling your artwork for a social cause please get in touch with us.

We can make a difference together!

Kindest Regards,

Oxpecker Team


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