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International Open Call for Polluted Postcards




This exhibition will be showcasing ‘Polluted Postcards’ that highlight the current/future reality of pollution. The aim of the exhibition is to help raise the profile of the impact of pollution upon the environment, people and animals.

You are invited to submit up to 5 designs, which must be about pollution (such as water/land /thermal pollution), whether its showing pollution in a natural or urban environment, the effects/impacts of pollution or pervention: Whatever your creative mind thinks up.

There is no wrong or right way of how your ‘Polluted Postcard’ design should look, as long as they are good quality prints.

All mediums are welcome.

Your postcards will need to preferably be on card (like a postcard), but as only one side of the Postcards will be on display, you can print on photo paper if you wish.

Not withstanding the medium used, the ‘Polluted Postcards’ must be original postcard size: A6 (approx. 6x4inch or 148x105mm).

For more information please follow link