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Maryam Hashemi - \

Maryam Hashemi

"Inner Tales Of My Outer Shell "

Maryam Hashemi -

Maryam Hashemi - "Inner Tales Of My Outer Shell "

Westminster Reference Library

9/22/2014 to 10/3/2014

Mon-Fri :10-8

Sat 10-5 Sunday closed

"Inner Tales Of My Outer Shell "
Exhibition with Feri Kiasati & Roya Khalili

Opening night and drinks reception with live Iranian music: Tues 23rd September 6:30- 8:30

Join us tonight,Tues 23rd September from 6:30 to 8:30 for the private view and drinks reception.
We are very delighted that two fantastic musicians will be performing tonight, it's going to be a beautiful and warm atmosphere , don't miss it!

"Samin Heidary "the active musician and a jewelry designer from
The Central St Martin's with a background in Handicraft shall be putting a spell on everyone with her magical solo tar and her unique and heavenly voice.

"Veria Amiri " PHD in Mathematical Physics , teaches math,philosophy and traditional instruments tar and setar.He shall be shaking our digits with his astounding solo tar performance.

"Inner Tales of my Outer Shell" takes viewers on an exciting and colourful ride, exploring deep and intimate corners in the minds of each artist .

The three have developed their own unique style which reflects their personal journeys and the Iranian culture and heritage that they share.

Maryam Hashemi combines her varied interests, bringing her past and future together and layering it with a sense of humour. Active in painting and performance, Hashemi is now allowing her hair to be the main star of the show .

Feri Kiasati captures the life and soul of everyday objects and infuses them with symbolism. Her background in Molecular Biology and her poetic and mystical views on her surrounding give her work both strength and beauty.

Roya Khalili weaves colours into the depth of her mysterious women who blend with their surroundings. Khalili's background in Fashion and pattern design and her passion to delve deep into the inner senses of her women, developed into a strong and iconic style.

35 St Martin's St
London Chinatown