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Ali Foxcroft

Evening Light on Monmouth Beach

Evening Light on Monmouth Beach

Oil and Acrylic


I aim to create a sense of space, colour and light in my work whether it is a landscape, stilllife or portrait. I am constantly in awe of the beauty of the natural world - the land and seascapes in Devon where I live inspire me every day. It is a wonderful place to be based.

I feel (and know!) I am still very much a 'work in progress' but am always thrilled when someone reacts in a positive way to my work.


1963I was born and brought up in the Middle East but have lived the majority of my adult life in the South of England. At school I completed A level Art but then followed my passion for animals and children. My family is made up of adopted, fostered and birth children and a menagerie of animals. Recently I have had a little more time to indulge in exploring painting. I live in Devon, near the sea, a place which refreshes the artistic and spiritual senses!