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Cathy Williams

Distortion 1

Distortion 1

Oil on canvas
80cm x 60cm


Cathy Williams signature style was first applied in her landscape paintings, which evolved into her painting  distortions of these landscapes when viewed through glass. The abstract series of paintings featuring vibrant colours and clean lines are derived from the distortions found within the glass. Cathy Williams also creates paintings by abstracting from reflections seen in silver.


Cathy Williams completed an art foundation course in Boston,USA, while in her early 20's. Returning to England she continued to paint and refine her style as she raised two sons. She was co-owner of the Rowley Gallery in Kensington for twelve years where she specialised in hand finished customised framing. Cathy has been painting in the south of France for twelve years and mentains a studio there as well as in London.