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Linda Spiteri

Airport car park 1, Buenos Aires

Airport car park 1, Buenos Aires


Photographer & Curator

I started taking pictures a few years ago now... I take pictures to capture a moment, tell a story, remind me of where I was at a given time.  My pictures aren't really anything specific, they're just pictures of things that I like - but what I try to do is capture colour, texture and form.  When I take pictures, I'm usually travelling, lost in my surroundings.  Taking pictures makes me smile... I hope they make you smile too.


01/05/2017Currently residing at Salem Mill, Hebden Bridge.
01/09/2016Artsmill, Hebden Bridge.
30/12/2015Northlight Studios, Hebden Bridge.
12/10/2014Bankley Studios & Gallery, Manchester.
18/05/2014After a successful showing at the AWOL Open Studios, it's time to start working on what I have... The idea is to make my images into postcards, but first of all I shall start to add a few more photos every now and then to expand on my portfolio... I hope you like them.