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sarah field

small black clay pots with spoons on porcelain tray

small black clay pots with spoons on porcelain tray

Two small pots that can be used for salt and pepper/ oil and vinegar dipping pots/ tomato ketchup/ mustard/ etc.

porcelain and black clay
5cm x 4cm


The pots that I make are to be used and enjoyed in domestic life.  I keep decorative techniques to a minimum preferring instead to use the shape and form to determine the clean and simple look of the finished pot.



I began throwing 19 years ago when living in Sydney Australia - I joined a day class and was hooked!  I work predominantly in porcelain but also use stoneware for the mixing bowls and large platters. I make the bowls, jugs, mugs and small platters out of porcelain and then glaze with a blue celadon and creamy white.  I use clay body stains to create the spiral designs in some of the bowls seen on this website.

I studied ceramics for 12 years at Stroud Art College and recently completed a short course with Jack Doherty at the Leach Gallery in St Ives, Cornwall.

I also teach ceramics working as a variable hours lecturer for Stroud College.  This takes me out into the local community working with vulnerable adults particularly those participating in the Nelson Trust rehabilitation programme.

I live and work in the Cotswolds where I have been able to transform an old stone outbuilding into my studio - I have been working here for the last 5 years exhibiting at local galleries and taking part in artistic festivals in Stroud and Cirencester.