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Bernard Heslin

2018 The Road

2018 The Road


Oil on canvas
140cm x 120cm



Seeing Voices

The figures inhabiting my paintings are not so much actual portraits as participants in the recurring events and patterns of history, involving us all in the same human experiences, hopes and despairs. Or from their own, perhaps far off, time they are simply marking their presence as part of a collective memory.


It is our own experiences bring them to life and these experiences are, in their turn, are enlivened by them. As we resonate with their lives and being, it is as if they reach out to us through the universal language of painting and we are connected by a common language.


The works shown here  start from 2012 after my move from London. 


Born in 1947 in Barrow in Furness I spent some time in the shipyard. Later I studied painting at Christ’s College of Education Liverpool and, after moving to London, attended  courses at St Martin’s School of Art in drawing  and printmaking. In London I had  studios with ACAVA and also worked in their 'Artspace' mental health programme. After leaving London in 2009 I have been living in Wales near Cardiff.

I have been painting for some 35 years supporting this activity with a variety of jobs and part time jobs.  My work has always used the figure as a motif  and for some time has concentrated on depicting a single figure.