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Julie Maginn



On show at Palace Green Gallery, Hatfield House

Acrylic and Ink on canvas
30" x 30"



I love being in my studio.

It makes me high.
The paint, the turps, the drips, the tears, the good, the bad and the down right disastrous.
It doesn't matter in here.
This is My space.


I can't throw anything away. I reuse old canvas and board. I revisit them months later, playing with texture, splashing on contrasting colour, recalling converstations. We are like strangers then, my paintings and me. We have to learn to trust each other again. Take it slowly. Sometimes we say Goodbye, but it's never forever. 


Inspired and influenced by travelling in South America in 1998, after a successful career in design and art direction, I returned to London and set up my own company, Be at One, creating holistic design concepts, logo styles and mood canvases for private members clubs. Since uprooting to Harpenden in 2003 I have experimented to create a range of contemporary paintings which reflect my graphic background.


I form an instinctive design strategy when working on a painting. I trust my feelings as to which composition, mood and harmony works best for me. My paintings are not self conscious, rather they become a part of who I am at that moment. I don’t depict any particular place or have a specific image in mind other than what the painting ultimately ‘becomes’. Delicate plays of light and dark and the overall atmosphere of my work is more crucial than the subject.