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Bobbie Kociejowski

Bobbie Kociejowski

Bobbie Kociejowski


United Kingdom


  • 59 Emlyn Road, London
  • Art in Action, Waterperry nr. Wheatley
  • Art Workers Guild, London
  • Bircham Gallery, Holt
  • Frivoli Gallery, London
  • Joanna Brendon, London
  • Pond House Studio, Isfield, nr Uckfield
  • Primavera, Cambridge
  • The Arc, Chester
  • The Cottage, London
1 large silk & wool scarf

1 large silk & wool scarf

handwoven silk & wool. Measurements approximate.
Hand wash. £185 each.

handwoven silk & wool scarf
180cm x 35cm



I began my weaving career after leaving university.  Initially experimenting with various types of cloth construction I quickly became fascinated by drape, handle and colour mixing produced by the interlacing of warp and weft threads in woven fabrics. Experimentation with colour relationships and optical mixing has been on ongoing theme in the development of my work. I draw my inspiration from nature and light and colour in different parts of the world where I have travelled.

My work is entirely hand-woven, hand-finished and dyeing is an important part of my practice.  I work mainly in silk and fine wool weaving scarves and shawls.

I sell my work through exhibitions, craft shows, shops and by commission.

Teaching is also an important part of my practice. This includes teaching weaving classes in adult education, giving talks to guilds and running workshops on dyeing and designing with colour.  I have also been an Artist-in-Residence in a number of primary schools.