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malize mcbride



mono print abstract in blue

34cm x 35cm


My current work is concerned with the physical nature of landscape,  especially the geology that underpins it, and with the concepts of time fundamental to this science.

I use a variety of techniques including watercolour, monoprint and video, and my work often incorporates graphite rubbings of rock and other natural surfaces.






My work explores the physical nature of landscape; I am especially interested in the geology of Scotland, its influence on topography and in the concepts of time and process fundamental to the science. I am excited by the evidence in rock of the colossal forces that created and are still re-forming the Earth. These breathtakingly long, infinitely slow geological  processes quite dwarf our insignificant human presence.

I work in a variety of media including watercolour, graphite, vinyl text, monoprint and oil, and often incorporate graphite rubbings of rock and other natural surfaces.

Our experience of landscape, in Scotland especially, is intimately connected with weather, and I am currently engaged on  a series of oil paintings reflecting the drama and variety of Scottish skies.


2011Master of Fine Arts, Edinburgh College of Art
1971Fellow of the Library Association
1967MA Hons modern languages, St Andrews university


Studied drawing and painting with the Open College of Art for seven years before completing a 2 year MFA course with Art Space Nature at Edinburgh College of Art. I now work from my studio outside Aberfeldy in Perthshire.