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Helen Gorrill

Helen Gorrill

Helen Gorrill

Paint, Drawing, Installation

North East
United Kingdom

Past Exhibitions


  • APW Gallery, NYC 11101
  • Axis Arts Centre, Crewe
  • Boisdale of Canary Wharf, London
  • Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Centre for Recent Drawing (London), London
  • Degree Art Gallery, London
  • DegreeArt Gallery, London
  • Empire Gallery, London
  • Fine Arte Gallery, Southend on Sea
  • Fine Arte Gallery (Paris), PARIS
  • Funoon Gallery, Dubai
  • Hoopers Department Store, Carlisle
  • London West Bank Gallery, LONDON
  • Northend House, Milton Keynes
  • Qsand Art Centre, Morecame
  • Salon Contemporary, London
  • The Brickyard, Carlisle
  • The Crocus Gallery, Nottingham
  • The Crocus Gallery, Nottingham
  • The Execution Room at 02 Degree Art Gallery, LONDON
  • The Gallery, LONDON
  • Unit 24 Gallery, London
  • Upfront Gallery, Cumbria
Benedict XVI Confession Chamber

Benedict XVI Confession Chamber


Helen Gorrill's work is held in private collections worldwide and now included in New York Brooklyn Museum’s Elizabeth A Sackler Center Feminist Art archive, alongside icons The Guerrilla Girls, Tracey Emin, Annie Sprinkle, Miriam Schapiro, Judy Chicago and Pipilotti Rist. Having already gained national and international press attention for her paintings, Gorrill has exhibited worldwide and her international artist residencies include Paris (2011), Isle of Skye (2012), the Czech Republic (2012), Paris (2013), Milan (2013), Naples/Ischia (2013), New York (2013), New York - Brooklyn (2014).  More recently she has completed a PhD in Fine Art which establishes new patterns of longevity in the symbolic and economic values of contemporary British painting.  Gorrills work is currently inspired by Oscar Murillo’s large-scale paintings which ‘imply action, performance and chaos, but are in fact methodically composed of rough-hewn, stitched canvases that often incorporate fragments of text as well as studio debris such as dirt and dust’.

One of the standout collections is work by Helen Gorrill that, while relatively tame compared with some of the artist's more unabashed work, is still a remarkably daring series. Gorrill is remarkably combative in her art.  The National, United Arab Emirates national paper

Helen Gorrill and Pharrell Williams’ chairs are both in keeping with Dali’s ideology. By blending human limbs and furniture, you combine objects not normally found together which, surrealists say, liberates the imagination.” The Erotic Chair in Skin Two, internationally selling magazine

Curbs & Stoops, Rhode Island USA 'Is Helen Gorrill about to blow up?'..."we are ready to see her on a bigger stage...I am certain this artist will blow up; the only question is 'when'.



Helen Gørrill holds a PhD in Contemporary British Painting, which was externally supevised by the Royal College of Art.  A painter, collage artist and art historian, Gorrill sits alongside Tracey Emin as one of only four UK women artists selected for the Brooklyn Museum’s Elizabeth A Sackler Center digital archive in New York.  The artist is currently writing a major book on contemporary British painting to be published by I.B. Tauris in 2018, and co-editing a book on contemporary collective drawing for Cambridge Scholars.  In her PhD, she discovered a new meta-theory of androgynous aesthetics in contemporary British painting since the 1990s. Helen lives and works in Cumbria.