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Dianna Brinsden

Untitled 2011

Untitled 2011


Slate, chalk, oil and acrylic
30cm x 21cm



The thing itself is one; the images are many. What leads to a perceptive understanding of the thing is not the focus on one image, but the viewing of many images together. (Rudolf Steiner)




Unraveling Colour through Darkness 2011


The 'Unraveling Colour through Darkness'  series of drawings are inspired by night skies and the mystery of the universe. 


In an uncharted territory I find myself as a painter working free from the intellect and bringing an intuitive expression to art. An inner knowing which comes from an intensive study: of colour, line, composition, light and darkness as well as philosophical views of human nature.


My art can be located in the realm of mediate practice and as a work it speaks to its viewer in the quiet moments and over the duration of time.


Just as the solar system is steep with mystery, the intent of 'Unraveling Colour through Darkness'  is to reach an inner capacity and go beyond what is material in thought,  to experience something anew. 


As I close my eyes, darkness is all around, but yet colour comes to greet me, like a falling star. 


Dianna Brinsden 2011 

Colour Explosion 2010


The 'Colour Explosion'  paintings are about the experience of colour, light, and movement. 

I am particularly interested in the moment when Art becomes a threshold experience that takes the artist and the viewer into super-sensible perception. 


Through an inner intuition the work explores the essential nature of different colours through movement, free from form. Held together by the line, the work reveals hidden veils beneath its transparent washes, to create a work to be felt. 


I am inspired by the transformation work at Concord Institute London, the training through the Goetheanum in Anthroposophy, and the Assenza Malschule in Basel Switzerland.  I'm also influenced by the thoughts and writings of Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Joseph Beuys, Merleau-Ponty as well as Asiatic wisdom.  


To paint with intellect is different than to paint from feeling. I feel, I paint, and then the intellect can have a say, before I go back, to feel, and paint again. 


Dianna Brinsden 2010



2008-2012Goetheanum, Basel, Switzerland
2008-2012Assenza Malschule, Basel, Switzerland
2007Create to Learn Artist Mentor, London
2005Certificate in Adult Teaching, UNITEC New Zealand
2003-2004MFA (Hons) ELAM University of Auckland, New Zealand
2004National Contemporary Art Awards Finalist, Waikato Museum, New Zealand
2003James Wallace Finalist, Auckland Museum, New Zealand
1999-2002BDes (Hons) Sculpture, UNITEC New Zealand
1982-1990Michael Park, Rudolf Steiner School, New Zealand
1974Born Christchurch, New Zealand