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Anndra MacCoinnich

And then

And then

Acrylic on canvas
100cm x 100cm


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Andrew is inspired by the mandala, an idea that has been used in meditation, healing and protection in many cultures throughout history and is working on translating into a personal perspective some of his ideas regarding them.

His work begins by using drawing and collage that inform both his printmaking and his painting. 

Andrew has worked in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges in England, Scotland and Wales using the art history of mandala-making as a basis for students to explore their own designs.

He has also worked using mandala projects with adults and children that have a large range of emotional and behavioural difficulties in England and Scotland.

Andrew's first series of paintings in Scotland were entitled the  'Roses of Generosity'.

He is now working on a new group of paintings about his experiences whilst living in Dumfries.

Those interested in hiring, buying or talking about Andrew's artwork please feel free to drop him a line at: