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Frank Papandrea


United States


  • Art Serve, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Boca Raton Museum of Art The Artist's Guild, Delray Beach
  • Broward Art Guild, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Tom Rossetti, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Pen on Paper
15" x 20"


My pen becomes the tool I use to strip away the veneer of words to get to reality of the moment


My preferred media is pen and ink, drawing the image first in pencil on crescent board and then creating the form using a quill. But first is the idea; "What am I going to draw that will shake the viewer up?"

 I love sarcasm and irony. I am the ultimate cynic. I believe the world has a dark side worthy of exploration. Through my work I try to point out the absurdity and contrasts of human thought.

 My pen becomes the tool I use to strip away the veneer of words to get to reality of the moment ... taking a point of view and illustrating it through it’s opposite. People have been talking past one another forever. So, what is the truth?  

 Through insight and stylistic accomplishment, I encourage viewers to speculate and interpret each piece through this prism.


Frank Papandrea is an Artist/Creative Director living in South Florida. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts as a Fashion Illustration major, he illustrated 2 editions of the Gentlemen’s Quarterly “Accessories Section.” When the fashion industry began moving away from illustration, Frank shifted his focus to pursue a career in the graphic arts.

 As a Creative Director for the United States Postal Service for nearly 20 years contributing and directing ideas and art in all mediums, print, electronic and advertising, Frank won many awards for his graphic design work. But his heart was always in the fine art of expression and he turned to pen and ink illustrations to fulfill his passion to create.

Influenced by Albrecht Dürer's engravings, Frank begins with subjects that matter. A subject must "mean" something. Artists are mirrors, and their communication method is pictures. Frank takes his inspiration from life and its sometimes perverse insanity, expressing the dark side of the world that lurks between the lines.

Provocation is always an important element in his work, "Art MUST move you to either hate it or love it, but never bore you. That would be,” he says, “the worst response a viewer could have to a piece."  

By extending, adapting and updating the Dürer process and interpreting it in the light of the contemporary spirit, Frank links the past, present and future through his illustration. Over the years he has refined his visual lexicon and aims his work at collectors looking to shake up their collections.