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Paul Lewis

Sun Down II

Sun Down II

Acrylic on board
30cm x 30cm


Responding to 'life' through colour, shape and form we can avoid the traps of words. In making (and responding to) art we can bypass the limitations of the rational, access a deeper, more fundamental aspect of experience, occasionally glimpse the bright ground of being.


1958Born London
1966 - 75Isle of Man
1976Travels in India
1976 -79University of Kent, BA Philosophy with Politics
1984 -86Milan and Reggio Calabria, Italy - Teacher of English, Painter
1981 -83Sudan, White Nile Province and Darfur - Teacher of English
1986-87Parga, Epirus, Greece - Teacher of English, Painter
1988 - 96Parga - Artist, Painting Holidays
1996 -Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, UK-Artist and Gardener
2008Painting Holidays - Ikaria and Samos, Greece
2009Watercolour Workshops and Painting Holidays - UK and Greece
2010Watercolour Workshops and Painting Holidays - UK and Greece