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Judy Rodrigues

Judy Rodrigues

Judy Rodrigues

Paint, Installation, Drawing

United Kingdom


  • Art at the Heart, RUH Bath, Bath
  • FLUX Gallery, Bristol
  • Full Circle, Newport
  • Museu dos Baleeiros, Lajes
  • Olympus Gallery, Isle of Wight
  • Paim, Bookhouse Gallery, Pico Island
  • The Circle Hospital Bath, Bath
  • The Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol
  • The Olympus Gallery, Hampshire
  • Ventnor Botanic Gardens, Isle of Wight
Zennor Coast

Zennor Coast

Mixed Media on paper
46cm x 58cm





I was born in London , but my childhood on the Isle of Wight inspired me to work from the elemental landscape and world around me as a free ,direct and natural way of learning and enquiry.

I grew up with an affinity for the work of the painter David Bomberg and his sense of approaching nature through drawing, as a tool to establish a poetry of form as an interconnected reality.