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Maryam Hashemi

Hanging on

Hanging on

I used to work in a boutique and hangers used to get stuck in my hair , I hated it there.

Acrylic on canvas
120cm x 91cm


I am a British-Iranian artist based in London.My work is rooted in my wartime childhood in Iran and layered with elements from my everyday colourful life on a dutch barge .I like to invite viewers to use their imagination and explore their subconscious.                                                

I use variety of materials such as acrylic,watercolour and ink ,each medium brings out a different side of me  and I have a lot fun when I work .

In recent years I have discovered a certain depth in my works that helps me to understand myself and what goes on in the deep subconscious level.


VOA  Shabahang  interview with English subtitles


Kahkeshan TV's Interview with me and  "Fery Malek Madani", the curator of the Brussels show




Maryam Hashemi was born in Birmingham ,UK and was brought up in Iran .She have always been drawing since she can remember and her family have been encouraging and supporting her from the start.

She had her first solo show in Tehran while she was still studying Graphic Design at Azad University and her distinctive style brought her the first success.

After finishing her studies she moved to the UK in 2002 and once she was settled in London she moved towards being an interdiciplinary artist and expanding to new corners such as performance and dance .Her life in London and all the new sources of inspiration and her interest in variety of subcultures gave her work more depth and complexity which portray her multidimensional character very vividly.


She has been actively exhibiting in the UK and internationally in venues such as British Library,Barbican,London Canal Museum ,The Barghouse and have been involved with many community art projects and cultural events such as Edinburgh Iranian Festival ,The Big Draw, Refugee Week and SPILL festival .She has also worked on many commissions and projects for organisations such as Museum Of London ,The Wallace Collection and The National Trust .

She has been interviewd and featured by many TV programmes ,radio shows and online magazines.The most exciting of was Making Art BBC2 which apart from interviews it also highlights a project she did over three weeks period drawing on her partner's van .

Her most recent exciting project was for Capital TV series directed for BBC1 by Euros Lyn and produced by Kudos production company.She provided the original artwork for the series also some of her other artworks were used in many scenes .