" The Yellow Bag " - Copyright © Gartner -

Mixed Media on Canvas
100cm x 100cm




 I would like to retain the time which   advances

 unrelentingly and leave  some of  my  traces  in

 the memory of men ...

                                                  G A R T N E R


1947Born in Antwerp (Belgium) February 1
1956Attended music school , classical , jazz music .
1962Worked as author and composer .
1964Concentrated on writing poetry and began to make his first drawings .
1966First price poetry - Belgian Radio Television contest .
1968After completing his studies , began to travel around the world .
1972Traveled to Brazil . Met singer-poet and diplomat Vinicius De Moraes .
1975Traveled thoughout Spain and discovered the works of Tapies and Clavé .
1980Decided to live a couple of months in Brazil . Travelled through the Amazon
*and mets its native peoples. Began to paint as an autodidact.
1991First exhibition in the U.S.A. Avanti Galleries in New -Jersey and New york .
1992First collaboration with Gallery Cédric Van Der Planken , Antwerp .
2012Decided to live in Tel Aviv, Israel
1991 - 2021Art Fairs and exhibitions around the world .