Ann Stringer-Paget

Ann Stringer-Paget

United Kingdom


" I owe my love of painting primarily to my Grandmother, who introduced me to the world of Fine Art when I was just six years old and continued to feed my curiosity until my early teenage years. My Mother on the other hand, encouraged me to draw and paint. Given a pencil and a sheet of paper, I would draw anything around me and I soon discovered the magic of losing oneself in the process of creating art!

Being inspired is my driving force to paint and I find that there is so much to be inspired by.  A movement, be it graceful or awkward, a particular expression on someone’s face, a moment in the day when the air hangs still, a sound, flash of colour, memories.... anything can be the starting point of my journey into paint ! The inspiration will generally dictate the style of the finished work, be it realistic or abstract.

My process will usually start with sketches, either from life or memory, developing on to the moment of expression in the medium of my choice. That choice will be driven by the feeling or emotion that I wish to express in the work, hence the process could lead to working in oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastels or mixed media ….. it’s the outcome that is so important to me, the process and the medium are simply my most treasured and dynamic travelling companions, accompanying me to my final destination.

My influences are primarily Degas, Turner, V
an Gogh, Rubens, Pissarro, Whistler and Sargent. "

Ann Stringer-Paget  FRSA BWS


Ann Stringer-Paget is a professional artist living and working from her studio in Staffordshire.

Her paintings carry both the calm and the vibrant sides of her personality.

Initially  trained as a Design Engineer working within the Motor sports Industry, she would paint in her spare time, exhibiting collectively and alone. Her success and love of the creative process, led to a decision to quit Engineering and paint full time.

During the last 20 years,  Ann has been dedicated to her first love of painting. She also teaches privately and holds lectures relating to the Work of the Old Masters when time permits.
In the past she has given presentations to Universities and Public Institutions around the UK.

She is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an active Member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society.