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Jeff Hoare


I am the original 'sea painter' - not painting views of the sea, but immersing my canvases in the water and pouring my colours on the wet surface. Sometimes the waves wipe the canvas clean, but the movement of the breaking waves work with me to shape the final sea painting. On occasion the wind has nearly carried me off sailing with the canvas!  After years of experimentation, I use acrylics mixed with sea-water which help me achieve the results I want. The finished painting will still be wet, for once dry, the colours lose their movability. The pictures don't represent the sea as a formal picture, but in their abstract vibrancy capture the motion and depth.

I use a similar water technique for acrylic on paper, or small canvases for landscapes. I also use pastels on paper, and sometimes mix the media completely. 

I find my subjects from the environment and I paint generally outdoors on the spot, not indoors. I absorb the energy around me and I feel that my paintings reflect or capture something of the natural world and energy in which I find myself, if only for a fleeting moment. No one moment in time will ever be the same - so there is pressure to work fast. 


Studies : 1946 -1952 

Chelsea School of Art, London; Royal College of Art, London; University of Swansea.  Studied mime, modern dance and trained in educational television.

Teaching experience: 1963 - 1990 : painting, drawing, experimental group projects at both under graduate and postgraduate levels, also in adult education. 

Institutions include Central St Martin's School of Art & Design, Camberwell School of Art, University of Bristol, Interlocken International Centre, New Hampshire USA, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge, University of Arizona USA, University of Southern Illinois USA

Visiting artist

Rancho Linda Vista Community, Oracle Arizona USA ; University of California USA ; Michigan State University USA ; University of Colorado USA ; University of Calgary Canada ; Hoffstra University, Long Island, NY USA

Awards and Commissions

1974 University of Surrey, Painting 80' by 15'.    1970 Granada Fellowship, University of Lancaster. Mural 118' by 9' University of Lancaster.  1966 Mural for Regent Hotel, Plymouth.