The lure of mixed media enables me to capture the essence of what I want to portray, adding an element of surprise and a dimension of the unexpected.  I use this inspiration and influence to create work which represents my view of life.

I always stop to watch a beautiful sunset, pause to smell the flowers on my walks and listen to the birds. I love the feel of a forest, enjoy the calm of a lake, find motivation in the ebb and flow of the sea and want to share this enjoyment with others through my Art.



Capture the essence of nature and bring it into your home - the reflecting light, vibrant colours, a walk in a park, a memorable holiday . . .  energise, invigorate, feel inspire and enhance your busy daily lifesstyle.





2010Open Studio's + Solo exhibition
20092 Solo exhibitions
2008Joined Brentford Studio's
2006Relocated to UK
2005Finalist in National Competition
2001-2003Li-Ru Gallerei
2000-2005Art Now
1996-2000Linwood Gallery
1994-1996Picture This
1994Solo Exhibition Indart Gallery