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Renata Kopac


I have been painting more than 15 years, reflecting on my life experiences and the questions of meaning they bring. Art is an essential part of me; it is a way of communicating with God, with Eternity, establishing a relationship with Light, with Origin. When painting, I get closer to my inner self, and I reach out to the viewer. For the past few years, the focus of my works has been on how different cultures around the world express beauty and their unique heritage and values. Recently I started exploring abstract representation of various ideas and the surrounding world.

In my abstracts, I largely work with just a few motifs that I manipulate and analyse. I also add to my works some hidden symbols and allusions. This way, I want to show the complexity of interrelationships between my imagination, reality and its interpretation, in order to heighten the tension between the simplicity of forms and the complexity of ideas behind them. My brushstroke is never repetitive or predictable, its momentum and shape manages to define the organization of the painting. The brushstroke changes character: it can be long or short, splatter or scrape, purposeful or hurried. I love to explore new techniques, and recently have been experimenting with gold leaf and ink, which I may splash on my canvas.  Gold leaf brings extra dimensions to my works while ink adds life and makes images more interactive. I enjoy using broad sweeping brushstrokes and blending a multitude of bold colours to create unique movement and to enrich texture. I have to say that colour is my main driving force. I apply colour using a variety of strokes: some are light while others are heavy or applied with more vigour.  Sometimes I add extra contrast by separating colours with black lines, from barely visible to the bold ones. I construct my paintings layer by layer using exclusively oils. I believe that the texture I achieve with this technique gives deeper sensation of an object or a shape.

I am always open to new ideas and I paint for many reaons. I believe that it is a life skill worth developing and, like everything, it requires endless practice. I describe myself as an abstract painter, creating paintings that can be either sensitive and delicate; or pure and simple.



Renata has been painting more than 15 years, and her inspiration has always been the profound experience of her life and her own deep questions about life and its meaning. However, its in her work over the last year that her existential concerns combined with a surge of creative energy to produce, not only paintings considerable enigmatic and life-affirming force, but also a further significant development in her oeuvre.


Renata Kopac is from Vilnius, a charming city with a great artistic wide. Painting was her passion since she was little; Completed studies at Savickas Art School previously studied at Vienozinskio Art School and have graduated with two Master degrees: one in Fine Art Education and another in Museum and Galleries Management from Vilnius University. At the moment Renata is incorporating her passion for teaching and painting. Renata is London based painter accomplishes a suggestive exploration of elusive feminine enigma with a particular care of multiculturalism. Her abstract gaze on everyday reality leads her to achieve a suggestive investigation about the liminal area in which a representation coexists with an insightful gaze on our inner dimension.